Didn't See That Coming

"Didn't See That Coming"

by Roger James Kuhns

True stories of a geologist-writer’s adventures, challenges, friendships, and self discovery from far afield.

Didn’t See That Coming…. is an engaging interrelated series of stories, written as performance monologues, about the adventures of an geologist-writer as he lived and worked around the world. Herein are explorations of relationships between people and cultures, science and myths, communities and companies, and nature and civilization from several countries in Africa and South America to Russia to Australia to America and other points around the globe. These unique, insightful and poignant experiences will warm your heart and bring you laughter as you join the author on his adventures far and wide.


Good Words For the “Didn’t See That Coming” monologues:


“A gifted writer and musician, Kuhns has used his life experiences to craft monologues that are as culturally and scientifically enlightening as they are emotionally moving.” Judy M. Drew, Exec. Director (former), Third Avenue Playhouse, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

"Well-crafted, skillfully interwoven stories… I would've happily stayed longer around the campfire in the company of these characters and this storyteller." Roberta Parker Minnesota Fringe Festival, 2009

“Thank you for creating the characters, colors and experiences so vividly – so completely engrossing.” Nancy Paulin Writer for Door County Advocate

"The show is a collage of recollections from down-under that nicely blend humor, poetry, dangerous critters and philosophy. Kuhn's delivery is genial and relaxed, understated but definitely not boring. If the lasagna doesn't tempt you, try the roo-stew fresh off the roo-bar." A Shockwave Radio Theater Review Minnesota Fringe Festival, 2009

“One of these days someone will write a book about the fascinating Roger…in the meantime, there is a chapter called “Jungle Gold” that Roger performs as a one-man show ala Spaulding Gray… and you can see that Roger’s performance is a favorable comparison.” Sheila Sabrey-Saperstein The Peninsula Pulse, Door County, WI

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Didn't See That Coming

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